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Stop WP Auto Installing Themes & Plugins

Stop WP Auto Installing Themes & Plugins

This is simple, edit your wp-config.php and add the following:


Editing WP Config Files in SiteGround

We always recommend SitgeGround, so below is the steps required to add this line of code:

  1. Login:
  2. Head to Websites:
  3. Pick the Site: in our case and click ‘Site Tools’
  4. From here you can get to the ‘File Manager’
  5. A lot of hosts use a public_html folder as the main or root folder, click here
  6. You will see wp_config and can edit it very easily, see the image below, for the final screen, we advise you leave a comment (# indicates a single line comment) so anyone editing can see what this code does.

Click above to view a larger image.