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Pipes Are Back in Yoast 17.5!

Pipes Are Back in Yoast 17.5!

Pipes were taken from us 🙂 The lowly Pipe or | is an SEO’s best friend. Removed in an earlier release, the cries of the masses have actually been heard by Team Yoast. This is still a backpedaling of a very rash move to take away certain separators, commonly used in titles for SEO meta descriptions. Yoast was hasty and an SEO plugin should never make these decisions for a site.

While we were pipe-less fixes were released and I personally mpw advise folks hard-code the | into the template to avoid this in further instances. But credit to team Yoast they listened. Now if we could only have the same logic with Gutenberg. I still personally think Yoast is the top SEO plugin for WP. But it is very important you de-bloat it, which you can with one very simple and genius plugin, see the link for more.

Above is the current view of this section in the Search Appearance settings of the Yoast SEO plugin, so yes the Pipe is now back as of the 2nd of November 2021, checkout the full release post, loads of other nice stuff there too. I have actually seen good results with emojis in titles, but that can wait for another day and another post.

After you update to the new Yoast plugin, be really sure you switch back to the Pipe, as you see above, as it unfortunately does not revert if you were using it before, it will default on the short dash -, you can also then request an index via Google Search Console or resubmit your sitemap XML to try and speed up a re-index. Google will depending on the site correct any titles over time, but if after a month you notice no change you might consider a title and description re-write site wide or at least some small edits.

Bringing back the ~ and | title separators

Two months ago, Google started generating its own page titles a lot more frequently. One of the changes we saw, was Google dropping or replacing the | and ~ title separators from many of the search results. This led us to drop support for these characters in Yoast SEO 17.1. But, we’ve heard your feedback and want to reinstate these characters as an option. In Yoast SEO 17.5, you can find them again in the Titles Separators section of the Search Appearance settings. Keep in mind that Google might still replace those characters in the search results for your titles.