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Learn WordPress as a CMS

WordPress is most known Open Source software used by over 40% of the web, including this site. We aim to help you avoid the pit falls of this software and to guide you in the right direction. Unlike other news websites we feel we are untethered from any of commercial aspects of WordPress and its quite large ecosystem.

We aim to provide, firstly honest advice and secondly commercially savvy and unbiased vendors and services. Everything from hosting to CDN and advanced WordPress plugins, we also like to approach things with a hacking/home brew where relevant. Every angle of this CMS is covered.

WordPress.com vs. WordPress.org

  • This is very easy, .com is a rented platform, which will force you to use Gutenberg
  • WordPress.com is a very poor choice for any new website
  • WordPress.org is a CMS you can download an install on any web server

in Summary

WordPress.org is the CMS version of WordPress, which is open source, you ‘own’ the code on site and also you own the hosting. This is the first step and also a huge one in supporting the ope source internet

WordPress.com is a rented platform, you will see a lot of these, from Geocities in the 1990s to modern versions of this in the 2000s, all rented website builder platforms are bad, they are contrary to the spirit of the open internet. You are renting a website rather that installing a CMS.

Learn WP as a CMS

Below are the lessons you can take 100% for free:

  1. Managed WP Hosting or Standard Web Hosting
  2. Installing WordPress & Managed WP Hosting
  3. Should I use Gutenberg in 2022 and beyond?
  4. What Page Builder should I use?
  5. Does it matter what theme I use?
  6. Are free themes ok to use?